Saturday, June 4, 2011

Girl Nature Skin and Body Products

Girl Nature Skin and Body Products

I received some samples from a wonderful company called Girl Nature. Her products are made out of 100% raw, unrefined Shea butter. When receiving this package I could smell it the second I opened my mail box! The wonderful scent of these products are very strong! I ripped the packaging open and had to smell each one. 

I was also given a piece of paper with information on eat product. The one thing that stood out on this paper was the allergy warning for people with allergies to nuts. I am highly allergic to all Tree Nuts. I contacted Girl Nature and found out Shea Butter is created with nut oils. However, when I applied the product to my hand I waited a few hours, I did not have an allergic reaction! So the oil content must be very, very low.

When my wonderful yet handsome boyfriend came home I made him smell my hand. He actually LOVES these products! They smell amazing, each smell for a different mood. I was wearing Black Raspberry Vanilla, and it honestly made me feel like a sexy woman! I suggest girls, when getting ready for that date or clubbing, grab a Girl Nature Shea Butter and every man you dance past or walk past will be looking at you. These smell amazing and are very potent. Go grab you some, and say Misty sent you!!

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  1. i must add they are amazing!!! if i had to pick fav (my hubbys fav too) the black raspberry vanilla ..oh my..just wonderful!!!