Monday, June 20, 2011

iChill Relaxation Shot

iChill Relaxation Shot

I was given the chance to receive a free sample of iChill for myself and my boyfriend. Our main intent was writing a review on this unique item. So here it goes!! It took only a week for my request of the sample to be processed and sent out. It was packaged in a yellow bubble mailer with two samples and a folded card about the product. Let me tell you the basics about this product before getting into the review section.

iChill: designed to chill you out after a high-energy day. iChill's proprietary blend of melatonin, valerian root, rose hips, and B vitamins provide the perfect formula to help "unwind from the grind."

So with that being said, my boyfriend and I tried this product after a long day of errands, cleaning and a very yummy dinner. So after a long long day we decided that it was 1am and we needed to sleep. Well the iChill was very convenient, and it was sitting there asking for us to drink it.

Misty's Review: Within 30 minutes after I drank iChill, I was ready for sleep. It was not an over whelming feeling of sleepiness, but a mild feeling that it was time to go relax and leave the computer. Once I laid down, and got to the perfect comfortable position I was ready to doze off. Quicker then expected. Our little puppy decided it was play time however and kept jumping on us after an hour of drinking iChill. The constant dozing in and out has left me very sleepy and irritable. This product is probably for those who don't have a nocturnal puppy! I'm sure if Zoey didn't keep me awake for the first 3 hours i'd feel so much better. I bet i'll sleep 10x better tonight that's for sure. I do feel this product would be good for other people to use and get a great sleep.

Joseph's Review: Overall it feels like a sleeping pill. Unfortunately sleeping pills make me very cranky, this product was not an exception. The taste was not much to be desired, but it they way it smelled made drinking it tangible. iChill is suppose to make me relax and relieve stress, well it worked because I don't remember a single thing after I closed my eyes.

Well there is a review from two different sides! So if you love to CHILL out after work or after a long stressful day, then this product is for you! 

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