Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Resin Obsession Molds


As I began my journey into the Resin world. I ran across this amazing website at www.resinobsession.com, and I must say it is quite the "one stop shop spot"! I found everything that was needed right there on her web store. ResinObsession carries 4 different types of resin, numerous molds, mold release sprays, colorants, and the site even has tutorials. Honestly, I don't think this site needs any improving. Perhaps a few zombie molds. But thats just me!!! =] 

I received my molds all wrapped tightly in purple tissue paper. It was quite the cute surprise. However I was missing a mold, and received a piece of paper that explained my mold was on back order. I was quite annoyed but I waited a week. I finally e-mailed Ms. Cindy and she said it will be delivered the next day! I was very excited and even skipped to the mail box. There it was, my amazing new mold! Once again it was packaged in a cute purple tissue paper and looked so cute. However Ms. Cindy added some extra goodies in my package. I must say, she is amazing and has a great shop. If your looking into Resin as a art medium, check out this site!! 

Here are a few of my charms made from her molds, and her amazing samples she gave me. 

Go check her site out, and enjoy!! =] Maybe tell her you saw her on this blog!


  1. This is a wonderful review Misty! Thank you so much. It is a pleasant surprise. Would you mind if we post it on the ResinObsession website?
    I agree that is very annoying to have a mold backordered. We keep increasing the quantity we have on hand but every week we are surprised at the number of same mold that will suddenly sell out. In one week we might sell 50 of one particular mold. It's wild. I've tried to find out if there are projects being published that would call for a particular mold but with no luck. Let me know if you would like to review other products. Thanks so much, Cindy

  2. It was my pleasure dear! You are more then welcome to post this on your website, it would be an honor if you did! =] When I am able, I will probably be buying more from your site and i'd love to review those as well!! <3