Monday, June 20, 2011

I was looking for some jump rings to use for my products that I have started to create. Well I have these amazing Lego Octopus pieces but no jump rings to match my chains or to fit the piece. I was browsing Etsy and came across this amazing man. He was able to make me 15 rings of each color I wanted. I simply contacted him with the size, colors, and asked if he could make them for me. Within less than 24 hours he informed me that this order could be full filled! I was so excited, he even asked if I had a deadline he had to meet. Although I did not, I had my products within a week! Amazing, simply amazing.

The quality of the rings were perfect, there was not a scratch on any of the jump rings. It was as if he used the perfect tools that were soft enough not to leave a mark. The jump rings were the perfect size, perfectly cut, perfect circles and just simply perfect. I could not express how happy I was with this order. They even included a free magnet with their logo so I could never forget them, and included some free rings in different colors and sizes!! Seriously, how generous could this company be? On a scale 1-10 it is a perfect 12! That's how happy I am with this.

Here's a photo of my almost finished product, enjoy. Check this company out if you ever need colored jump rings for your own creations, you will not be let down!

Raisels, The Fruity Flavored Raisins

Raisels, The Fruity Flavored Raisins

After two weeks, our sample for Raisels is here! How exciting right? The chance to taste a fruity flavored raisin! It arrived in a yellow bubble envelope with a sample and a cute business card! I received a 1 ounce bag of the product. I must admit the first taste is very shocking! It is definitely a different snack that is healthy and tasty at the same time. Unlike the hard, full of stems regular box of raisins, these were soft, full of flavor and colorful. The Sour Watermelon was certainly sour and the after taste of watermelon makes these treats hard to put down. Even Zoey, our puppy adored them! She kept attacking us for more. The overall appeal of these make other snacks "made with real fruit" nothing more then a joke.

These treats are 100% Vitamin C, all natural flavor, real dried fruit and a light dusting of sugar. This snack contains less sugar then sweetened dried cranberries. Which make them a healthy alternative to cookies, candy and sugary fruit snacks. They are fat free, cholesterol free, and have low sodium. I must say, if your a mom, these might be a snack you would want to buy for your kid(s). They are amazing! 

iChill Relaxation Shot

iChill Relaxation Shot

I was given the chance to receive a free sample of iChill for myself and my boyfriend. Our main intent was writing a review on this unique item. So here it goes!! It took only a week for my request of the sample to be processed and sent out. It was packaged in a yellow bubble mailer with two samples and a folded card about the product. Let me tell you the basics about this product before getting into the review section.

iChill: designed to chill you out after a high-energy day. iChill's proprietary blend of melatonin, valerian root, rose hips, and B vitamins provide the perfect formula to help "unwind from the grind."

So with that being said, my boyfriend and I tried this product after a long day of errands, cleaning and a very yummy dinner. So after a long long day we decided that it was 1am and we needed to sleep. Well the iChill was very convenient, and it was sitting there asking for us to drink it.

Misty's Review: Within 30 minutes after I drank iChill, I was ready for sleep. It was not an over whelming feeling of sleepiness, but a mild feeling that it was time to go relax and leave the computer. Once I laid down, and got to the perfect comfortable position I was ready to doze off. Quicker then expected. Our little puppy decided it was play time however and kept jumping on us after an hour of drinking iChill. The constant dozing in and out has left me very sleepy and irritable. This product is probably for those who don't have a nocturnal puppy! I'm sure if Zoey didn't keep me awake for the first 3 hours i'd feel so much better. I bet i'll sleep 10x better tonight that's for sure. I do feel this product would be good for other people to use and get a great sleep.

Joseph's Review: Overall it feels like a sleeping pill. Unfortunately sleeping pills make me very cranky, this product was not an exception. The taste was not much to be desired, but it they way it smelled made drinking it tangible. iChill is suppose to make me relax and relieve stress, well it worked because I don't remember a single thing after I closed my eyes.

Well there is a review from two different sides! So if you love to CHILL out after work or after a long stressful day, then this product is for you! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Resin Obsession Molds

As I began my journey into the Resin world. I ran across this amazing website at, and I must say it is quite the "one stop shop spot"! I found everything that was needed right there on her web store. ResinObsession carries 4 different types of resin, numerous molds, mold release sprays, colorants, and the site even has tutorials. Honestly, I don't think this site needs any improving. Perhaps a few zombie molds. But thats just me!!! =] 

I received my molds all wrapped tightly in purple tissue paper. It was quite the cute surprise. However I was missing a mold, and received a piece of paper that explained my mold was on back order. I was quite annoyed but I waited a week. I finally e-mailed Ms. Cindy and she said it will be delivered the next day! I was very excited and even skipped to the mail box. There it was, my amazing new mold! Once again it was packaged in a cute purple tissue paper and looked so cute. However Ms. Cindy added some extra goodies in my package. I must say, she is amazing and has a great shop. If your looking into Resin as a art medium, check out this site!! 

Here are a few of my charms made from her molds, and her amazing samples she gave me. 

Go check her site out, and enjoy!! =] Maybe tell her you saw her on this blog!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Girl Nature Skin and Body Products

Girl Nature Skin and Body Products

I received some samples from a wonderful company called Girl Nature. Her products are made out of 100% raw, unrefined Shea butter. When receiving this package I could smell it the second I opened my mail box! The wonderful scent of these products are very strong! I ripped the packaging open and had to smell each one. 

I was also given a piece of paper with information on eat product. The one thing that stood out on this paper was the allergy warning for people with allergies to nuts. I am highly allergic to all Tree Nuts. I contacted Girl Nature and found out Shea Butter is created with nut oils. However, when I applied the product to my hand I waited a few hours, I did not have an allergic reaction! So the oil content must be very, very low.

When my wonderful yet handsome boyfriend came home I made him smell my hand. He actually LOVES these products! They smell amazing, each smell for a different mood. I was wearing Black Raspberry Vanilla, and it honestly made me feel like a sexy woman! I suggest girls, when getting ready for that date or clubbing, grab a Girl Nature Shea Butter and every man you dance past or walk past will be looking at you. These smell amazing and are very potent. Go grab you some, and say Misty sent you!!