Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Owl Right

It's Owl Right

I had the pleasure of doing a product trade with It's Owl Right. I sent her one of my products, and she sent one of hers. The intention was for us to write a review on each other. It was a great experience, and a wonderful pleasure! 

I was sent one of her signature wrist clutches. She chose which one was going to be sent to me, and I was not able to choose any colors. I was sent a gorgeous pink Tye-Dye with a brown flower design. I must say, that these two colors have been my favorite since I was about 15 years old! I was very ecstatic that she was able to choose colors that fit me, without even knowing me. The clutch came with a wrist part that can be removed if the person choses to remove it. It looks as if it was professionally made, the color of the thread matches the theme as well. The inside has a pocket, perhaps for money or business cards. The clutch is big enough to hold cards, credit cards, make up, and many more things. 

I use it for my jewelry making supplies and hardware. It fits perfectly inside my own purse that I carry around with me. I would definetly recommend this for any young lady or women who love to keep things in a portable yet stylish hand bags! It really is easy to keep with you, does not add a lot of extra weight to your purse. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pink Spa by Gina

Pink Spa by Gina

I received my samples from Regina Bell who sells Pink Spa Party! I was very excited for this package as it has a couple wonderful samples in it! When I checked my mail box this is what I saw.
Very cute is it not? I love the presentation, the pink envelope, and how it just catches your attention! When the envelope was opened there were three samples for me, and a brochure with other products.
I loved that Regina included a brochure that explained every product she has to offer. The samples I received was a body souffle in the scent of "Tuscan Lace", a Pedi Whip in the scent of "Peppermint", and a Body Butter in the scent of "Tropical Sunrise". Being me, I have already smelled each product, and I must say they smell very scrumptious! My hands and my feet are beyond softer.  I love the smell of Tuscan Lace the most. I must say it has a very romantic sensual smell to it! I would recommend these products to everyone. Not only are the products amazing, but they have a product to suit everyones needs.

I will tell you what each product is for, copied from the brochure I was given.

Body Souffle: The Body Souffle has a pearlescent luster that appears to be thick and whipped cream-like. Although it feels light and fluffy, the Souffle still provides a luxurious and nurturing experience. It revitalizes the skin by enhancing its firmness and elasticity, proving a youthful look and feel. The Body Souffle leaves an invisible layer on your skin that absorbs quickly without leaving your skin tacky or greasy.

Body Butter: Whipped body butter is a light and fluffy hydration cream that penetrates deeply into the skin delivering advanced moisture to overly dry and cracked skin. So smooth it's like applying cake frosting to the skin. Body Butters form a protective barrier over our skin to protect us from dry air, hot sun and cold winter weather.

Pedi Whip: Pedi whip is a light, fluffy hydration cream that softens and delivers advanced moisture to dry skin.   This product is to be applied to your feet to restore the moisture in your feet after soaking.

Friday, May 20, 2011

LoLe's Giggles

LoLe's Giggles

I was playing my first ever Facebook game, which was being done on LoLe's Giggles page. She had many games going on! I must admit, they were very fun and addicting. I won the option of 4 clippies of any bottle cap image of my choosing. All I simply said to this woman was "Make it skulls." I must admit, after I sent that message to her I was quite nervous about what I would receive. 

I received my images about 5 days later after the games and after I paid for postage. When I received my gift I found a wonderful assortment of skull images, and a free pony tail O thing. The images were very cute, very crisp images. I loved each of them as I pulled them out of the yellow bubble mailer. In the mailer was also her business card with its cute owls! I must admit, business cards having cute images really draw me in! If the business card is boring, how do they expect to keep your interest.

The clippies are very durable, they do quite fine in my hair when I use moose. They stay in my fine hair when I leave it straight. The clippies are not overly childish so they look ok in my hair and even my puppies hair as well.

Pixie Girl Treats


I had the pleasure of receiving treats from PixieGirlTreats. A home based company that caters to our 4 legged fur babies. I must admit that I have a very picky little Maltipoo who rejects treats very easily. How ever, the day I received these treats, my puppy named Zoey demanded to eat four of them within 20 minutes! She absolutely loves these treats.

They are made out of human grade ingredients, that are all organic. There are no preservatives, no bypass products, and no horrible fillers! They are completely healthy for us humans, and our fur babies! These treats arrive in a FDA approved bag, and can be refrigerated or put into the freezer for a long period of time. They do not have to be given to your pet within a couple days! Which means theres more days to spoil them with amazing treats!

Zoey knows what the bag looks like. Every time I open the refrigerator door she begs for one! Here is a blurry photo of my child trying to eat her treat from my fingers.

Charm Factory Jewelry Tag

I was searching web sites for a perfect addition to my "Animal Abuse Awareness" jewelry when I came to They had a section for Custom Jewelry Tags. When I contacted them about this, they were kind enough to offer me a chance to do a product review for them and receive 25 free custom tags! I was more then excited for this! My only dilemma was finding what exactly to put on them. After a few days, I finally asked if we could do a half and half. One half saying "Pawalicious" and the other saying "iSupport". This company is unbelievably kind! They were more than happy to accommodate me on this.

I received my tags within 3 days of placing the order. The package was very simple in a yellow bubble envelope. When I opened it, I saw my tags rolled up tightly inside another small jewelry type bag. They were taped closed and wrapped perfectly. I was able to put 18mm rings onto them, and attach it to my Animal Abuse necklace. I must say they perfectly balance the necklace out. I have had so many people interested in them. They are the perfect touch for those jewelry makers who want to personalize their own works of art!

Here is a photo of the tag being used on my jewelry. My camera does not do the best with capturing the small details, which is why you can not see the text on the charm I received from Charmfactory!

We feature almost 5000 high quality, unique sterling silver charms, bracelets, beads and more.Silver charm bracelets are so easy to personalize. Start by choosing a charm bracelet (or necklace). Then add as many .925 sterling silver charms as you like. Each charm comes with a free jump ring to attach it to your bracelet.